11th Festival of Fantastic Films

8th - 10th September 2000

Independent Film Competition Rules and Regulations 

Organisation of the Festival

1. The Festival of Fantastic Films ( FFF ) is a festival of Films & Television which aims to further the art of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Cinema. This Festival will be the centre of debate and act as a catalyst for new films and as a retrospective event.

2. The 11th FFF will take place between the 8th & 10th September 2000 at the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester, England.

3. The final selection of all films presented at the Festival and their placement in the programme is the responsibility of the Programme Director. The organisation of the event is the responsibility of the organisational committee.

4. All films programmed in the Festival are screened to delegates, guests, and the press attending the Festival. Entry by the Public is not allowed unless delegate fees are paid.

Entry of Films

5. The FFF is committed to screening high quality new film and video work in the Fantasy,  Science Fiction and Horror genres from around the world. Work that has been previously broadcast on British TV will not normally be accepted.  Films shown regularly in other Festival events in the UK will also not normally be accepted.

6.  The FFF also runs a competition for Amateur rather than Independent Film makers, and entries can be submitted for this event. These type of films are usually considered to be those made by enthusiastic amateurs without any professional or semi - professional assistance or funding.

7. The FFF will screen prints where possible in 35mm,16mm, Super 8mm. In addition Video using NTSC, PAL or Secam will also take place at the discretion of the director.

8. The FFF accepts no responsibility for damage to any film or video submitted although all necessary care will be taken.

9.  The FFF reserves the right to refuse or cancel projection of any film upon advice by the responsible technicians that the print is not of sufficient quality to ensure satisfactory screening to attending members.

10. The participants must ensure that they have the right to participate in FFF with regard to third persons connected with the production of the participating film.

11. The competitor is fully responsible for all transportation costs ( i.e. outgoing and return of prints ). Upon return of these items additional charges may be incurred at consignee's end.  FFF is not liable for any of these charges. A draft payable to the "Festival of Fantastic Films" for the amount equal to the outgoing costs ( in sterling ) should be included in the package. This amount is additional and not included in the entry fee. Non inclusion of this amount will result in all prints etc being returned " bill receiver ".
( Paid for by entrant at the point of return )

11a. In the event that onward transmission of the film or video to another event is required, all relevant documentation including sufficient payment must accompany the entry at the time of submission. Action other than this will only be transacted with the agreement of the FFF committee. Special care must be taken where items are for onward transmission to  countries where customs involvement is likely.

Selection Process

12. Submissions will be viewed, and if rejected the preview tape will be returned to you, if requested, as soon as possible. This may not be until November 2000. All returning tapes have a proof of postage and if a tape is lost in the return post FFF can only refund the value of the raw tape as per Post Office compensation. No transfer costs can be reimbursed.

13. If your film is accepted, you will be informed by the committee, and you should pay particular attention to the information which will be sent to you at that time.

14. CLOSING DATE for submissions is July 31st 2000. Please send your entry as soon as possible. Completed submission forms, preview tapes and supporting material must be received by 15th August 2000. Entries will not be accepted after this deadline, except in extraordinary cases and at the discretion of the programme director.

15. SUBMISSION FEES: Each submission must be accompanied by an entry fee.

For films with a budget of 40000 or over, or for films acquired for 40000 or over by the person or organisation entering the film, the submission fee is 100.00 ( plus cost of return transportation - Post / Courier etc ). For films made on a budget of less than 40000, the submission fee is 30.00 ( plus cost of return transportation - Post / Courier etc ). This fee plus costs must be forwarded with the completed submission form. Entries which arrive unaccompanied by a fee will not be considered for selection.

16. FORMAT FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR VIEWING: For selection purposes, entries may be submitted on video as follows : VHS : PAL/SECAM/NTSC. The video must be clearly labelled with the title of the film and the standard of the VHS copy (i.e. NTSC or PAL). We cannot accept U-matic or Beta copies.  Upon acceptance of entry, a 35mm, 16mm, or Super 8mm print, or VHS master must be submitted for Festival screening and the forward carriage costs must be met by the entrant. Please also state if you wish the preview tape returning.

17.If you wish to receive a written confirmation of the safe arrival of your submission, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope or postcard. Submissions on VHS should be sent to the correspondence address given at the top of this form.

18. Shipping your entry :- Shipping costs and insurance of your film to the above address must be met by entrant. DO NOT PLACE A VALUE ON YOUR PREVIEW VIDEO ABOVE 3/US$10 and DO mark TRADE SAMPLE on your customs label.

19. Films selected for the FFF will be informed by the co-ordinator who will forward all relevant information.


Committee   :-

Gil Lane - Young    ( Chairman & Submissions Co-ordinator )

Harry Nadler          ( Programme Director & Publications Co-ordinator )

Tony Edwards         ( Finance & Registrations Director )


The above constitute the selection committee.

Their decision shall be deemed to be final.