The Festival of Fantastic Films 2001
The 12th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films

Some pictures from the Festival

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Guest of Honour Forrest J Ackerman receives his SOFFIA


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Guest of Honour Ray Harryhausen adds a personal touch to artwork in the Dealers Room


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Forry enjoys a reminiscence with Festival Treasurer Tony Edwards, looking at a copy of Famous Monsters featuring Chuck Partington as the Wolfman.

Auctioneer Ramsey Campbell threatens dire consequences if he doesn't get a bid.


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The Skull Island Special

Some of the Festival guests ready for the trip to the special showing of King Kong


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At the Plaza Cinema in Stockport.  Ray and Forry introduce the showing of King Kong with some memories of the original screening, and the Cinema Organist entertains a packed house before the show.

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23 October 2001
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