The Festival of Fantastic Films 2002
The 13th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films

Some pictures from the Festival

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Festival committee and guests


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Mel Welles

Darrell Buxton, Saxon Logan, Paul Cosgrove


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Elena Torrez & Steven Gallagher

Elena Torrez & Mel Welles


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Dave Rigby

Charles Partington, Bill Burns, Tony & Marge Edwards
Ina Shorrock, Ramsey Campbell


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FSMITH2e.jpg (68667 bytes)

Mell Welles & Elena Torrez

Frederick Smith


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JSCOTT1e.jpg (60771 bytes)

Frederick Smith & Richard Gordon

John Scott


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JHOUGH1e.jpg (85872 bytes)

Tony Edwards, John Hough, Gil Lane-Young

John Hough & Steven Gallagher


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Mel Welles

Mel Welles & Paul Barrett

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Norman J. Warren (centre) and friends

Mel Welles

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