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The Festival of Fantastic Films 2007
The 18th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films

2007 Independent Film Competition

We are pleased to announce that the following films have been accepted by the committee to compete in the Independent Film competition.  Other movies submitted will be added to the website and viewed by the committee when all documentation is complete.  Deadline for all paperwork is 10th August 2007; no movie submitted or incomplete after that date will be accepted.   

Although the following entered movies are listed, only those chosen as finalists are certain of being shown during the Festival. The finalists from which the winner will be announced (One Feature & One Short) will be declared on the website on 24th August 2007, and the ultimate winners will be announced at the closing ceremony of the Festival on 2nd September 2007.  Notification will be forwarded to the successful directors within 24 hours.

All entries have been viewed by the committee, who feel the quality of the movies to be of a very high standard.  The committee do however reserve the right to show any or all of the movies of particular merit during the Festival if decided.

Any movies (other than by the finalists) to be shown will be declared to the directors by 24th August 2007 .



 Chill  -   Starring James Russo, Ashley Laurence, Thomas Calabro & Shaun Kurtz.  

A classic retro horror movie inspired by H P Lovecraft’s short story  “ Cool Air ”.  An aspiring writer gets a job as a clerk in a grocery store owned by a mysterious Dr Munoz who is a former scientist who claims to have a rare skin condition that forces him to live in sub freezing conditions.  But all is not as it seems.  

Directed By Serge Rodnunsky      U S A     85 Mins


Death Knows Your Name  -  Starring Rodrigo Aragon, Kevin Schiler & Hugo Halbrich.  

“ The story of a man who is about to know the origin of his own death “. Bruce, psychiatrist of the old asylum, makes a discovery that will change the course of his life – a human skull buried in the tunnels of the abandoned wing of the hospital a hundred years ago.  Obsessed, Bruce convinces his father Anthony, who is a forensic anthropologist, to reconstruct the features of this mysterious corpse, only to discover that the skull had his face.    

Directed by Daniel de la Vega     Argentine   82 Mins


Die You Zombie Bastards ! – Starring Tim Gerstmar, Geoff Mosher & Pippi Zornoza.

This camp & outrageous movie follows the adventures of a dim-witted but loveable serial killer as he attempts to rescue his beloved cannibal wife from the evil clutches of Baron Nefarious who is out to change the world into Zombies.     

Directed by Caleb Emerson      U S A   100 Mins


Dreamscape - Starring Daniel J Fox, Mark Ellingham & Chris Owen.

A thrill seeking businessman signs up with dreamscape Inc, provider of electronic dreams and vivid fantasies.  Transformed into an unstoppable courier, he enters the dangerous world of corporate espionage.  Hunted by government agents and aided by unlikely allies, he carries out his mission with brutal efficiency.  However illusion quickly turns into nightmare as reality & fantasy blur.    

Directed by Daniel J Fox      U K    64 Mins  


Fallen Angels – Starring  Michael Dorn, Kevin McCarthy, David Hess & Kane Hodder.    

Not all Angels are guardians – this horror film / CSI drama was called by the late Bob Clark ( Director of Black Christmas & Murder By Decree ) “ both a horrifying & intelligent film“. Also features stalwarts Michael Berryman, Bill Moseley, & Martin Kove. With special effects by Bob Keen of Hellraiser fame.

Directed by Jeff Thomas       U S A     95 Mins   


Hellbride – Starring Rebecca Herod, James Fisher & Eleanor James.      

Nicole Meadows has it all, a great job, loving boyfriend ( who has just proposed ) and a bright future.  She also has a dark secret and a cursed engagement ring.  At the wedding, there will be a supernatural vengeance … and cake.      

Directed by Pat Higgins     U K    76 Mins


Kreating Karloff  - Starring Conor Timmis, Liesl Ehardt & Ed Wilhelms.

For the first time in 75 years, A young actor brings back to life two of Universal’s iconic Karloff monsters “ The Mummy “ & “ Frankenstein’s Monster “ for an elaborate screen test and tribute to the legendary Boris Karloff.  

Directed by Vetche Arabian     U S A     60 Mins


The Planet – Starring Mike Mitchell, Patrick Wight & Scott Ironside .     

A long way from earth, ten mercenaries must face an ancient evil and attempt survival on an alien world where death is only the beginning

Directed by Mark Stirton       U K  ( Scotland )   75 Mins


Proxima   -   Starring  Oriol Aubets,  Anthony Blake & Manuel Solas

At times reality can defy Science Fiction.      

Directed & Written by Carlos Atanes      Spain      116 Mins


Something Beneath  -  Starring Kevin Sorbo

Evil lurks in the most unlikely of places.  Just under your feet lurks an evil so deadly, so intellegent, it’s scary.  The attendees at an ecological summit are about to discover a bigger problem than global warming        

Directed by David Winning      Canada     90 Mins


Summer Scars – Starring Kevin Howarth, Amy Harvey & Ciaran Joyce

A gang of 14 year old kids play truant in the woods where they are befriended by a drifter whose behaviour becomes increasingly suspect. Held hostage in their den they are forced to embrace the dark side of human nature if they are going to survive the ordeal.

Directed by Julian Richards    U K    73 Mins


The Superhero -  Starring Damien Hannaway, David Platt & Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler      

Manchester is brought to its knees by an army of drug addicts.  A masked vigilante desperately fights back.  The line between good & evil blurs into one in this movie, a cutting edge mix of live action and animation.    

Directed & Written by Adam Simcox    U K    78 Mins



 Colour Blind – Starring Dermod Lynskey, Like Treacy & Don Conroy .  

Framed for murder & suspended from duty, a detective becomes involved in a secret intelligence operation in Paris .  

Directed, Produced by & co-starring Bryan Tyrell     Eire      25 Mins.


Dead @17  -  Starring Katelyn Gracy, Jessica Ciccone & Ryan Krysiak

This is the story of 17 year old Nora Kilday, brutally murdered and returned from the dead to battle Zombies.    

Directed by Mark Steensland        U S A     10 Mins


Reptile Day  -  Starring Neville Hutton, Oreke Mosheshe & Shone McWilliams & the voices including David Rintoul, Monserrat Gili & Rob Maloney.  

Having saved the world from the shape-shifting reptilian aliens, former pet shop owner Colin settles down in an out of the way part of the world running a bar with his wife – former stripper & secret agent Tina.  After a couple of years their relationship is turner sour by Colin’s taste for drink. One night, an attractive young woman hangs around after the bar has closed, flattering Colin and plying him with booze.  When this stranger gets Colin onto the subject of what he was doing on Reptile Day – that day when all of the reptiles’ heads exploded – Tina’s suspicions are aroused.  Written, Produced & Directed by Tom Hickmore       U K    12 Mins


For queries or any further information contact:-

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