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The Festival of Fantastic Films 2007
The 18th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films

2007 Amateur Film Competition

We are pleased to announce that the following films have been accepted by the committee to compete in the Amateur Film competition.

Cedric Bourgeois (Belgium, 8")
Richard Chance and John Chance (UK, 26.5")
Jean Luc Baillet (France, 14")
Delendra Est Genesis
Rafa Dengra (Spain, 20")
Helmi Yusof (Singapore, 21") 
Karl Holt (UK, 6")
It Came From Beyond
Ian J Simpson (UK, 4")
Missing Connection
Ross Shepherd (UK, 5")
The Morality Game
Jim Walker (UK, 11")
No Fear of Death
Matthew Swain (UK, 10")
Recently Deceased
Chris McInroy (USA, 12")
Stephen Hedley and Nick Light (UK, 2.5")
Son of the Dawn
Robert Mann (Eire, 15")

For queries or any further information contact the Delta Award adminstrator, Steve Green: [email protected]

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