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The Festival of Fantastic Films 2008
The 19th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films

was held at the
Day's Hotel, Sackville St., Manchester
(The Manchester Conference Centre)

Click here for Maps, Directions, Car Parking, etc.

Dates: 17th - 19th October, 2008


October 20th, 2008

The winners of the Independent and Amateur film competitions are shown below in each section.

Guests of Honour for 2008
The following guests are expected to appear,
subject to professional commitments:

Lamberto Bava

 Demons, Demons 2, Ghost Son, The Torturer, Macabre, A Blade in the Dark, The Midnight Killer.

Jess Conrad

Konga, The Boys, The Ugly Duckling,
Aliki My Love, The Queen's Guards,
Hell is Empty, The Assassination Bureau,
The Flesh & Blood Show,
The Great Rock & Roll Swindle

Ingrid Pitt

Countess Dracula, Vampire Lovers, Where Eagles Dare, The House That Dripped Blood, and Sea of Dust which we are showing at the Festival

Damien Thomas

Twins of Evil, Shogun, Roman Polanski's Pirates, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Tiffany Jones.
TV: Jason King, Special Branch, Van der Valk, Beau Geste, Madigan, Blake's Seven, Zorro.

(Note: All guests listed are confirmed as attending - however, it is only fair to be aware that all these are subject to commitments - and the Festival organisers cannot be held responsible for any cancellations. Where this occurs it is policy to try to replace the guest with another; however, that is not always possible)

The Progress Report for the 19th Festival
is available as a PDF - click here.

2008 Independent Film Competition

The committee have selected the independent films for showing during the Festival. The quality of the films was extremely high and it took quite some time for the selection committee to decide on the final choice.

Alicja Wonderland (Director Martin Gavreau, Poland )

A Break in the Monotony (Director Damien Slevin, Australia)

Coldspot (Director Ed Radmanich III, U S A )

Devil's Music (Director Pat Higgins, U K)

Here Lies Lucy (Director Joshua Gaunt, U K)

Mr Video (Director Alex Masterton, U K)

Peekers (Director Mark Steensland, U S A)

Pickman's Model (Director Gary Fierro, U S A)

Undertow Director (Director Neil McEnery-West, U K)

Independent Film Competition Results

Winner, independent feature:
The Devil's Music (dir. Pat Higgins, UK)

Winner, independent short:
Alicja Wonderland (dir. Martin Gavreau, Poland)

2008 Amateur Film Competition

The following films have been shortlisted for this year's Delta Film Award, which will be judged on Saturday morning and the winner announced late afternoon. The judges this year are Darrell Buxton, Steve Green (award administrator), Ray Holloway and Norman J Warren.

The Bloodsucking Witch (Pablo Millan, Spain, 8”): "Traditional legend of a woman who loses her children because of a strange evil which weakens them till they're dead."

Deadweed (Derek Wheeler, Eire, 17”): “Isolated trapped and helpless. Four vunerable people. One deadly secret. Deadweed - He's found you!"

El Ataque De Los Robots De Nebulosa-5 (Chema Garcia Ibarra, Spain, 6”): "Almost everybody is going to die very soon."

Empty Field (Loran Dunn, UK, 3”): "An offbeat comedy, divulging the trails and tribulations that burying all your worldly possessions can bring."

The Hope Ruby (Helen Andre, UK, 14”): “Tragic eighteenth century lovers steal a valuable gem and die in the attempt. Can their modern-day doppelgangers break the spell?”

Listen!! (Jim Walker, UK, 7”): "Richard Benson lives alone and works at the Town Hall. No-one listens to him and eventually he decides he must do something about it."

Oberschure (Amanda Beggs, USA, 15”): “When destiny opens the Bonds that restrain us, often this unaccustomed Freedom is accompanied by a Responsibility we are not yet ready to bear.”

Sandik (Can Evrenol, Turkey, 6”): “A boy delivers doom with his chest, door-to-door...”

Schrodinger's Biro (Caroline Eccles, UK, 9”): “Why can you never find a Biro when you need one? And where do they go?  Investigating this mystery leads to unexpected results for two friends…”

Small Things (Matt Bloom, UK, 8”): “Fantasy black comedy about race relations in England as a psychiatrist becomes increasingly alarmed at a man’s relationship with his new girlfriend.”

Tick (Chris Hetherington, UK, 6”): "When a teenage boy finds a pocket watch, he has no idea of the power he holds in his hands."

Tinboys (Lee Liong Joo, Malaysia, 3”): “Tinboys are one of the surviving species on the Earth. They are harmless, but they could turn into monsters if..."

Under the Bed (Stephen Hammond, USA, 1”): “A scared little boy believes something sinister lurks beneath his bed.”

Vamped (Darren Weston, UK, 10”): "Tom and Ben are trainee vampire hunters on a course at St. Van Helsing's University. Becoming increasingly bored and disinterested, they yearn for a little excitement, but they should be careful what they wish for..."

Amateur Film Competition Results

Small Things (dir. Matt Bloom, UK)

Highly commended:
Oberschure (dir. Amanda Beggs, USA)

Under the Bed (Stephen Hammond, USA)
Schrodinger's Biro (dir. Caroline Eccles, UK)

Film Programme

The Film Programme will include a variety of features and shorts, plus a selection of the Independent and Amateur Film Competition entries.

Introduction to the Festival

If you are a new visitor to The Festival of Fantastic Films web pages we invite you to climb aboard the greatest weekend a science fiction, fantasy or horror movie fan could ever find on the planet.

Based in MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (just two-and-a-half hours from LONDON by rail-link) we have THREE programme streams containing a terrific range of movie-related events that include Guest Interviews, Discussions, Panels, Special Events, Presentations, Auctions, Artshow and Poster Exhibition, Dealer Room, Themed Dinner, Parties and of course an AMAZING number of movies..... the old and the new run alongside each other throughout the festival.

Please scroll down our pages to get a taste of this 3-Day UK Movie Convention (now in its eighteenth year) - and hop off on the various links should you want even more in-depth info! But DO COME BACK... we'll be updating frequently throughout the upcoming year!

Special Events

Festival Opening Ceremony. An introduction to the Festival and its guests.

Q & A sessions with directors and producers of a number of the films we shall be screening throughout the weekend.

Much more.

Featured Events

Big retrospective Science Fiction and Fantasy
movie programme on 16mm and 35mm. Films to be announced.



Discussions, Panels

Film Fair, Auctions

Low-price Convention Bar!

Guest of Honour Signing Sessions

Amateur and Independent Short Film Contests

The Auction

RAMSEY CAMPBELL puts a multitude of movie-related
items under his infamous gavel... and we'll guarantee
he'll keep you amused and penniless!

Independent & Amateur Films

Call for Entries

The Independent Film Competition entry form is available here

The Amateur Film Competition entry form is available here

In addition to the retrospective film programme that is the backbone of the event, the Festival of Fantastic Films has, within the past few years, become the premiere UK venue for new genre movies. We are pleased to showcase an amazing selection of Independently produced feature length and short films from all over the world. Films that you are unlikely to see anywhere else are screened alongside the new movies from major studios right through the weekend. Each year sees an increase in the number of young and highly creative film-makers, submitting their work into our International Competition and giving members of the Festival a unique opportunity to see a great range of movies. The Festival programme also screens new films outside the competition itself and although it is difficult to announce specific titles in advance, we expect to surprise members of the event with major premieres!

The Festival is also the place to meet with many of the creative people from behind and in front of the cameras. In 1998 we had director Jake West and actress Eileen Daly along with their new film RAZORBLADE SMILE. American director Tyler Tharpe came over from the USA to screen and discuss his horror film THE LAST ROADSTOP and from the UK, Jon Sorensen premiered his science fiction feature ALIEN BLOOD. In 1999 delightful American director Joei Gharrity came from Los Angeles to screen her short film THE GRAIL and was sucked into the fannish activities and friendliness of the eventMost of the Independent movies screened at the Festival have a substantial budget behind them, whereas other equally creative genre movies are made each year by talented amateurs working on a shoestring. These films are enormously entertaining and often just as thought provoking as their Indie relatives. The Amateur Contest entries are pre-judged by The Festival Committee with the top rated films going forward to the Festival for the final round. 1998 saw the Award going out of the UK for the first time ever, being won by Florida USA film-maker Shane Hannafey with his science fiction story THE GIFT.

The International Movie Competitions have become a very important section of the Festival of Fantastic Films.

2007 Independent Film Award Results

Full details of the films which were accepted for the Independent Film Competition are available here.

Winner - Independent Feature
"Fallen Angels" directed by Jeff Thomas (USA)

Highly Commended - Independent Feature
"Chill" directed by Serge Rodnunsky (USA)
"Something Beneath" directed by David Winning (USA)
"The Planet" directed by Mark Stirton (UK)

Commended - Independent Feature
"Death Knows your Name" directed by Daniel De La Vega (Argentina)
"Kreating Karloff" - directed by Vetche Arabian (USA)
"Hellbride" directed by Pat Higgins (UK)
"Dreamscape" directed by Daniel J Fox (UK)
"Insanity" directed by Richard T Celenza (USA)

Winner - Independent Short
"D'Entre Les Morts" directed by Alain Basso (France)

Highly Commended - Independent Short
"Colour Blind" directed by Bryan Tyrell (Ireland)

Commended - Independent Short
"Paraffin" directed by Laurence Easeman (UK)

See the 2007 archive site for a complete list of the finalists.

2007 Amateur Film Competition Results
Steve Green, administrator

Full details of films which were accepted for the Amateur Film Competition are listed here.

The following films received awards at the Festival:

Winner: Contretemps (dir. Jean Luc Baillet, France)

Highly commended: Flyer (dir. Helmi Yusof, Singapore)

Commended: Halfway (dir. Karl Holt, UK)
Commended: The Morality Game (dir. Jim Walker, UK)

Last Minute News for 2008!

October 15th, 2008

The following guests have confirmed attendance. Lamberto Bava, Ingrid Pitt, Jess Conrad, Richard Gordon & Damien Thomas.

However I received the following in the last day:

Dear Everyone, I am so sorry that I can't attend the conference this year. I have been waiting for an operation on my back since March and with immaculate timing the two dates have coincided. The head of the operating team is some doctor called "Vesalius" or "Price" or "Phibes" or some such name, who, it seems, has an enviable reputation, so I am fairly optimistic, and perhaps we could meet again next year. Meanwhile, have a great time. I shall be thinking of you.

Take care now,
Bob Fuest.

And Norman J Warren has advised us that unfortunately John Scott has had to go into hospital in Hollywood and cannot get back due to recovery,

Even Later Breaking News for 2008!

October 10th, 2008

We are pleased to report that Ingrid Pitt will be attending this year's Festival. We look forward to seeing her again as it's been a few years since her last visit.

Director Lamberto Bava has also just confirmed that he will attend this year

October 4th, 2008

1) We have received a contact from Lamberto Bava confirming that it is his intention to attend the Festival of Fantastic Films. We apologise for the lateness of the notification - however it is great news.

2) Also attending will beMichael Roesch and Peter Scheerer whose new movies are Brotherhood of Blood, starring Sid Haig and Ken Foree; also Alone in the Dark 2, starring Lance Hendrikson and Danny Trejo.Michael and Peter will be bringing both movies.

3) New movies being shown as wellas the above include Dracula's Guest and Boston Strangler: The Untold Story.

We are also showing the new documentary by Don Fearney called Legend of Hammer Vampires.

4) Finally we have received great news that our old friend Richard Gordon is attending again this year.

Due to the problems we had with the late withdrawal of certain guests - it would be appreciated if you could pass the latest news around and help drum up further attendance.

5) Please note that Tony Edwards' email is NOT working so if you need to contact him - please use those of Gil Lane-Young which are [email protected] or [email protected]
or you can contact Tony by telephone after 5pm on 0161 707 3747.

Late Breaking News for 2008

It is with regret that we have to announce that in the last few days the Festival has beenadvised by John Saxon & Horst Janson that due to work commitments they will NOT be able to attend this year. I have also been advised that due to an alternative commitment Emily Booth will also not be attending.

Efforts are ongoing to replace these artists as promptly as possible, but because of both time constraints and the closeness of the event this could, and probably will, take up to the deadline. Please keep an eye on the website for updated information.

John Scott / Robert Fuest & Jess Conrad have all confirmed attendance (subject to commitments).

The committee are sorry for anybody being let down, but this is the first year cancellations of this magnitude have occurred and we hope to replace the people with celebrities you will enjoy seeing.

Gil Lane-Young, for the Committee.

Society Notices

The Society of Fantastic Films, organizer of the Festival, also has regular meetings in Manchester city centre. Held at the Unicorn Hotel, High Street, on the last Friday of each month, the meetings feature movie showings and lively discussions in a convivial atmosphere.
For more information, email
[email protected].

Membership Information

Full Attending Membership is £70 (UK pounds), or $140 (US dollars) which entitles you to Progress Reports, Programme Booklet, Badge, and Attendance to all of the events over the three days of the convention. A single day membership is available for £30 (UK pounds).

Children: Attending Membership £20 up to 12 years of age and £30 up to 16 years of age.

Supporting Membership £30, entitles you to three Progress Reports, Programme Booklet, Badge, and Attendance to any of the events on any SINGLE day of the convention. (Supporting membership can be upgraded to FULL by paying the balance at any time up to the week before the Festival).

Register now by printing the form (click below) and mailing to the Festival address!

Click here for a membership form you can print and mail

Festival e-mail may be sent to Gil Lane-Young: [email protected]

The Society of Fantastic Films is a member of the British Federation of Film Societies

Comments or suggestions?
Please post to the Festival Guestbook

Add comment to the Festival Guestbook

View the Festival Guestbook

Website Special Features

Archives and Reviews of Past Festivals
from 1997 to 2007

Eurocon Award to Concatenation

2004 Festival Photo Album

2003 Festival Photo Album

Harry Nadler Photo Album
assembled by Tony Edwards

Festival Movies on DVD

Your help is requested

Email contact information

We would like to have current and prior Festival attendees' email addresses on file so that we can send you news and announcements about the Festival.

Please email Gil ([email protected]) and let us know your preferred email address.

Suggestions for future Guests

We are also looking for suggestions for guests for upcoming Festivals. If there is someone you feel would make a good guest, and you are in personal touch with them, please email Gil and give him their contact information.

Festival Guest and Contributor Websites

Harry Nadler Memorial Website

Widescreen Movies Magazine
a web and print magazine by John Hayes

Janina Faye - The Official Website

Ramsey Campbell - The Official Website

Stephen Laws - The Midnight Man

John Harden
(writer/director, "Breakfast With The Colonel")

Harry Hamill's artwork for the 1998 Festival

Gil Lane-Young's Festival Page

Festival Information on the Concatenation Website

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Virtual Manchester
Virtual Manchester

everything you need to know
about the Festival's home city

In Memoriam

Recently Deceased, and Missed

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing away of the following genre personalities.

We offer our condolences to their families and will remember them with affection. JULIE EGE - Creatures The World Forgot, Craze, The MagnificentSeven Deadly Sins, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Mutations, & The Final Programme. JOHN FORBES ROBERTSON - Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires ( As Dracula ), Venom, Fighting Prince Of Donegal, Nicolas & Alexandra, Cromwell, Bunny Lake Is Missing & The Vampire Lovers. JOHN PHILIP LAW - Barbarella, The Russians Are Coming - The Russians Are Coming, Hurry Sundown, The Sergeant,The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The Red Baron, Death Rides A Horse & Danger Diabolik. HAZEL COURT - The Curse Of Frankenstein, The Shakedown, The Man Who Could Cheat Death, Dr Blood's Coffin, Premature Burial, The Raven, & The Masque Of The Red Death. JULES DASSIN - The Telltale Heart, The Canterville Ghost, Brute Force, Naked City, Night And The City, Rififi, Never On Sunday, & Topkapi. CHARLTON HESTON - El Cid, The Ten Commandments, Planet Of The Apes x 2, Soylent Green, The Omega Man, Ben Hur, Earthquake, Airport 75, The Three Musketeers, Will Penny, The Big Country, Khartoum & Touch Of Evil. RICHARD WIDMARK - Kiss Of Death, Night And The City, Pickup On South Street, The Alamo, Judgement At Nuremberg, The Long Ships, The Swarm & To The Devil A Daughter

Gil Lane-Young, Chairman, on behalf of the Festival of Fantastic Films.

RIP Ann Green

It is with the deepest regret that I have to report the sad death of Steve Green's wife Ann.

Ann died in hospitalin the West Midlands on Tuesday 29th July 2008.

Allof the Festival attendees will know Ann, who attended almost all the events we have run, and the great person she was. The Festival,the committee and all attendeeswill miss her a lot.

Ann's service will be held at 2:30pm on Friday 15th August, at Robin Hood Crematorium, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull.

Steve has said that if anyone wants to contact him he can be reached at [email protected]

RIP Harold Yeomans

It is with deep regret that I announce the death of Harold Yeomans, a long time friend of both the Festival and the Society.

Harold, like Ann Green, was one of those regular people who you knew would be there, and he will be really missed by all his friends.

Harold was also a member of the Manchester & Salford Film Society, and was a Friend of the Royal Exchange and the Whitworth Gallery.

A personal sadness is felt by myself and my wife Victoria , and by Tony and Marge Edwards for the loss within such a short time of both Ann Green and Harold Yeomans.

Gil Lane - Young, for the Committee.

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